We’ve been wearing rings for over 5,000 years. We wear them for all sorts of reasons. They are signals and symbols of some of the most important things in human culture, and we’ve imbued them with an incredible amount of purpose and meaning. So, what happens when we’re at risk of losing that ring?

What happens if it must be cut off?

Enter Ring Rescue Inc..

Ring Rescue has solved a medical problem that has long suffered from a suboptimal solution involving dental floss and power tools. Using their cutting-edge technology, their Dolphin Ring Cutter can slice through even the hardest metals in minutes, making a cut so fine that your ring can easily be re-made, leaving a piece of family history, or the symbol of your marriage, firmly intact.

Kevin Spencer is the co-founder and CEO of Ring Rescue as well as an Emergency Room Doctor, Mechanical Engineer and former Canadian Space Program Candidate. www.linkedin.com/in/drkevinspencer/

Jack Ogden is a Jewellery Historian and Egyptologist.

Mary Lynn McKay is a painter, and you can find her at work on the boardwalk of Peggy’s Cove in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

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