What we do

Life Sciences Nova Scotia is building a thriving, resilient, and connected life science ecosystem for a better tomorrow.

We are an industry association committed to creating value and prosperity for its members.

We provide the support members need while advocating to enhance the Life Sciences ecosystem for sector growth. Together, our members, partners and stakeholders provide a united powerful voice to advance the sector’s interests.

Our Board of Directors and Life Sciences Nova Scotia Team undertake initiatives by request of, and on behalf of, our diverse membership.

The breadth of Nova Scotia’s Life Sciences Ecosystem is comprised of companies in multiple core areas, that intersect with other sectors such as agritech, cleantech, oceantech and more.


Used in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and include medical devices, diagnostic imaging, invitro diagnostics, therapeutic and assistive devices.

Digital Health

The intersection of healthcare and technology resulting in technologies to support mobile health, wearables and implantables, remote patient monitoring, big data analytics to support self-directed healthcare and personalized medicine.

Pharmaceuticals & Vaccines

Innovative drugs and therapies for the treatment or prevention of disease.

Natural Health Products

Used to restore or maintain good health and are sourced from naturally occurring biological resources such as omega-3 fatty acids.


High value products derived from biologically sourced materials (bioresources) such as biofuels, biomaterials, biochemicals, bioplastics and bioenergy that serve many commercial markets.

We empower innovation by leveraging partnerships.

We ‘plug in and power up’ collaborations that support the expressed needs of our life sciences entrepreneurs. By improving access to mentorship, investment, talent and markets regionally, nationally and globally, we accelerate business development and drive company growth with the right support for the right opportunity at the right time.

We are a member-driven organization.

  • We bring value to members throughout different stages of their development from early start up, scaling and commercialization to serve markets domestically and globally.
  • We seek to foster entrepreneurship through a strong stakeholder commitment to network and build community.
  • We cultivate a supportive business environment to establish a vibrant life sciences sector that empowers innovation, collaboration and contributes to a strong provincial economy.

Events - Bringing the Life Sciences Community together to network, learn, grow and celebrate.