Half of all people on earth, given enough time, will be diagnosed with Cancer. Many of those people will receive radiation therapy, and part of that therapy will entail getting a bolus fitted.

A bolus is a device that is used to control the dosing of radiation for cancer patients, among other things. It’s also fitted by humans using art & crafts supplies. Adaptiiv Medical Technologies is revolutionizing what they call the Last Mile of Cancer Care, taking it out of the analog realm and into the digital one. Using the plethora of scans and imaging that one gets throughout the process of receiving a diagnosis, Adaptiiv’s software can create a fully bespoke, 3D-printed bolus. This approach quickens treatment times for hospitals, but most importantly, drastically improves the patient experience, which for someone going through cancer, is anything but a footnote. Learn more about Adaptiiv Medical Technologies at www.adaptiiv.com

James Robar is Chief of Medical Physics Nova Scotia Health Authority and Professor of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology at Dalhousie’s School of Medicine. He is the Chief Science Officer at Adaptiiv Medical Technologies. Visit his LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/james-robar-6b165a3/?originalSubdomain=ca

Alex Dunphy is the CEO of Adaptiiv Medical Technologies. Visit his LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/alexdunphyadaptiiv/

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