News Release: Athletigen and Kinduct Team up to Harness Athletic Potential

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Athletigen Technologies Inc., News

here HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – February 14, 2017 — Kinduct Technologies, a data and analytics software provider, and Athletigen Technologies Inc., a leader in proprietary human performance insights and genetic analytics provider, today announced that Kinduct’s software platform will soon incorporate Athletigen’s genetic insights. “The partnership with Kinduct is an exciting opportunity, with both companies focused on pushing the limits of human performance, ” says Athletigen CEO, Dr. Jeremy Koenig. “Clients will now have access to genetic markers combined with performance data, biometric scores and subjective inputs to provide a comprehensive view of the athlete to help understand and improve their in-game performance.” Athletigen’s proprietary platform analyzes an athlete’s DNA to empower coaches and athletes with actionable insights to inform peak performance in training and competition. The Kinduct platform enables organizations to analyze athlete data collected from different sources and then use those insights to inform decisions and drive continuous improvement in human performance. Koenig added, “Each athlete is made for greatness, and we are one step in the journey to harnessing their maximum potential.” “Athletigen analyses genetic markers that help athletes understand where their performance strengths and weaknesses truly lie,” says Dr. Travis McDonough, Kinduct Founder and CEO. “The partnership with Athletigen and the integration of their genetic insights into Kinduct’s platform will create a powerful tool for assessing an athlete’s condition and defining the optimal training and recovery programs.” Kinduct’s technology platform, currently used by teams in the NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, and NCAA allows for a two-way information exchange between coaches and athletes. Their Athlete Management System (AMS) gives teams the ability to collect, analyze, and act upon a wide range of player performance data and content such as training results, sleep schedules, maximum acceleration, deceleration, and heart rate. All of the information captured or calculated within the Kinduct platform supports informed decisions on personalized training and injury recovery programs for every athlete. This new partnership with Athletigen adds genetics as an important new layer of data. “We see this combination of performance data and genetics as an important step in maximising player performance while reducing injury risk,” says McDonough. “Our clients can gain access to each athlete’s genetic foundation to better explain the data we capture.” -30- About Athletigen Athletigen is a leader in proprietary human performance insights and genetic analytics. In 2016, Athletigen launched Iris™, the first of its kind, a personalized performance genomics app suite that merges an athlete’s genetic predispositions with daily monitoring data, empowering coaches and athletes with actionable insights. The evolution of our product is driven by intense user research conducted with world class, Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Through genomic innovation with strategic partners, Athletigen works to deliver the most advanced research findings in human performance to its customers. About Kinduct Kinduct is a leading data and analytics software provider. Kinduct’s highly secure, cloud-based platform allows human performance and sports organizations to spend less time managing their data and more time using it to inform decisions, promote constant improvement and produce exceptional results. Kinduct’s Athlete Management System is integrated with the best and brightest companies in the wearables, assessment and data collection sector. Kinduct is the software provider of choice for many professional and elite level sport organizations in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and other professional or elite leagues. Kinduct’s investors include Intel Capital, CFFI Ventures Inc., and Elysian Park Ventures. Media Contacts: Athletigen Bryce Crosby T: 902.440.2957 E:  Kinduct Sean Williams T: 902.220.5945 E: