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by | Dec 14, 2020 | Motryx, News

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Simple and reliable validation of Pneumatic Tube Systems for blood sample integrity monitoring

Halifax, Canada, December 2020 – Motryx, provider of blood transport validation and verification services, today announced a partnership with Aerocom, a global leader in Pneumatic Tube Systems, for the joint provision of VitalQC – a quality assurance tool to validate pneumatic tube installations for safe and effective transport of blood samples with minimal impacts on integrity and diagnostics.

The efficiency of pneumatic systems has made them standard in most large hospitals worldwide; however, they must be confirmed as safe for the transport of blood samples from patient to lab. Under this new agreement, Aerocom will use Motryx’s VitalQC to monitor and continue to innovate on their >2000 hospital installations and will be the European provider of VitalQC to 10 European countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, UK and Ireland.

“Aerocom pneumatic tube systems have been designed to reduce the impact on blood sample transport. Quality assurance for blood transportation in pneumatic tube systems is quickly becoming a requirement for our customers to satisfy regulatory requirements. With the Motryx agreement, Aerocom raises the bar in providing quality assurance. This agreement enables Aerocom to offer an even better and more complete solution to laboratories and hospitals around the world,” said Roland Pfitzer, CEO at Aerocom.

“Since Motryx’s inception, we have focused on developing a new standard for quality control for Pneumatic Tube Systems – one that is simple, repeatable, and robust. VitalQC provides a framework to check existing installations, or to facilitate the transition to occupancy for new builds. Our agreement with Aerocom provides assurance to their customers in markets with a strong focus on quality control, such as Germany and Scandinavia. With VitalQC, all hospital stakeholders can trust that their PTS will deliver blood products and clinical samples safely to their destination and will fulfill accreditation requirements. With over 2000 installations in hospitals worldwide, Aerocom is an ideal partner to bring VitalQC to market,” said Dr Franziska Broell, CEO at Motryx.

The agreement is effective immediately and allows for pneumatic systems to be validated and verified with little to no blood, streamlining and simplifying the process for all hospital stakeholders, including the lab.

About Motryx  

Established in 2018, Motryx has developed an end-to-end solution for quality control and assurance for blood sample transport. VitalQC was specifically designed as a system process diagnostic tool for blood sample transport systems such as pneumatic tube systems. Motryx is headquartered in Halifax, Canada. VitalQC has been used by hospitals, laboratories and leading research institutes worldwide to confirm safe transport before installing new transport systems, to alert of changes in system performance, and to optimize transport processes, all to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and the quality of patient results.

About Aerocom 

Aerocom is a global market leader in high-tech pneumatic transport systems and was founded in 1956.
Aerocom has focused exclusively on pneumatic tube systems in healthcare worldwide for almost 70 years. Their products are represented in more than 80 countries around the globe and are supported by their own branches and local partners. Aerocom offers the highest quality and best service.


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