MotionBox Studios brings science to life with 3D animation

by | May 21, 2016 | News

See original article in Spring 2016 edition of LINK Magazine In life sciences, there is more than just the science and technology; there is a story to tell. There can be a great challenge in explaining the complex mechanisms behind the science. That is where Motionbox Studios hopes to help companies by producing high-quality 3D medical, biomedical and scientific animated videos. Whether in the pharmaceutical / vaccine, biotech or medical technology industry, Motionbox Studios goal is to help companies engage with investors and general audiences through the creation of high-end visuals and dynamic content. 3D medical animation truly focuses and emphasizes product and service benefits by delivering an educational, entertaining and engaging experience. Founders Natalie and Alex Gomez began their careers in children’s television programming, honing their skills in 3D animation. The two were first introduced to the life sciences industry when they were asked by a friend at Dalhousie University to create a 3D animation video for carpal tunnel release surgery which sparked a real passion for the industry and the work happening in Nova Scotia. The two formed the company in August 2015 and feel that they have opened the doors for Nova Scotia’s life sciences industry to showcase their product or technology in a professional and visually interesting manner. The team hopes to grow their business within the life sciences community by working with researchers and companies as well as blending their previous experience in children’s television by creating fun animated short films for sick children that will entertain them while educating them about their condition and treatments.]]>