MEDEC Rebrands to Medtech Canada

by | May 22, 2019 | MecTech Canada, News

Toronto, May 22 – MEDEC, the association representing Canada’s medical technology companies, is very pleased to announce that it has rebranded to become Medtech Canada.

This new brand identity reflects the ever-evolving nature of the medical technology industry, which is contributing to enabling the digitization of health care, providing more connected care and providing opportunities for more patient-centred care in community settings.

“As health care systems in Canada are increasingly focused on achieving more digital and patient-centred approaches to care, the medtech industry is there to provide safe and effective technologies and solutions that can make significant contributions to achieving these goals and enabling patients to live the lives they want to live,” says Brian Lewis, President and CEO of Medtech Canada. “The work of our association has adapted in lockstep with these changes, working collaboratively with our health system partners towards improving patient care and our new brand identity reflects this.”

Medical technologies are a vital part of every facet of health care including ever-advancing cardiovascular devices, orthopaedic implants and diagnostic imaging equipment, which are just a few examples of this broad and patient-focused industry.

Medtech Canada is a member-driven association, with committees focused on subsector-specific issues, as well as broader, industry-wide topics in areas such as promoting strategic procurement and funding reforms, regulatory affairs and championing the Canadian medical technology eco-system. The association also brings together a variety of stakeholders through such avenues as its annual MedTech Conference and its Hospital to Community Collaborative.

“The medical technology industry has a very important role to play in enabling value-based health care and we are working closely with our partners to advance this shift, which will enhance patient outcomes and contribute to the sustainability of our publicly-funded health care system,” says Mr. Lewis.

About Medtech Canada

Medtech Canada is the national association representing the medical technology industry in Canada. Our association advocates for achieving patient access to leading edge, innovative technology solutions that provide valuable outcomes. Our members are committed to providing safe and innovative medical technologies that enhance the quality of patient care, improve patient access to health care, and help enable the sustainability of our health care system. The medical technology industry in Canada employs over 35,000 Canadians in approximately 1,500 facilities across the country.

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