Welcome to the first episode of New Wave as we explore the pivotal role of muscle health in enhancing our healthspan. Journey alongside Rafaela Andrade from Myomar Molecular and bone expert Mike Dunbar, as they introduce a revolutionary at-home test capable of decoding our muscle health. Discover how this breakthrough could potentially curb the Marginal Decade, offering a proactive pathway to enrich the quality of our golden years. This episode is not merely a voyage of discovery—it’s an invitation to envision a life where each decade is lived to its fullest. Join us, as we step into a realm where science empowers us to stretch the boundaries of our prime, armed with metrics-backed knowledge not accessible before now.

Rafaela Andrade is the CEO & co-founder of Myomar Molecular and holds a Phd in Cancer Cell Metabolism. Visit her on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/rafaela-andrade-a1698856/ and learn more about Myomar Molecular at www.myomarmolecular.ca

Michael Dunbar is an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Halifax, Nova Scotia specializing in hip and knee replacement, and holds a Phd in Subjective Outcomes After Knee Replacement Surgery. Visit him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-dunbar-7305321b6/

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New Wave is produced by Snack Labs. It is narrated and written by Taylor MacGillivary and edited by Brian Stever, Jeremie Saunders and Taylor MacGillivary from Snack Labs. Music by Tom Fox and sound design by Donovan Morgan. Find out more about Snack Labs at www.wearesnack.io