Interview with Mo Abdolel, CEO & Founder, Densitas Inc

by | May 19, 2020 | Densitas Inc., News

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Mo Abdolell is CEO/Founder of Densitas Inc., a company focused on the mammography enterprise that delivers machine learning solutions for personalized breast health with technologies focused on breast density, clinical image quality, tailored risk.

Mo is also Associate Professor, Diagnostic Radiology, Dalhousie University and as a consulting biostatistician has 25 years experience in study design, statistical analysis and machine learning in biomedical/clinical research.

Densitas has also launched a program to help with radiology personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. What is the program being offered?

In these unprecedented times, the primary focus of care is necessarily devoted to critically ill patients.

An unfortunate consequence of COVID-19 is that breast cancer screening has largely been put on hold.

Yet, even in the hardest hit regions we are seeing mammography facilities already planning to ramp up, starting with diagnostic and followed by screening mammography exam bookings.  As that happens, the sheer number of patients awaiting breast screening in the coming weeks and months (rescheduled and net new) will present a monumental challenge to mammography facilities and health systems, with radiology personnel stretched thin.

It will be important to ensure that clinical image quality is maintained at the highest standard despite the stress of overloaded imaging throughput. AI automation of clinical image quality assessment, integrated in a comprehensive analytics and reporting platform, will boost MQSA inspection preparedness and will free up crucial resources for patient care. AI automation of breast density and breast cancer risk scoring and reporting will increase workflow efficiency and support tailored follow-up screening protocols.