Global Halifax: Nova Scotia taps private sector for pandemic supplies and services

by | Mar 27, 2020 | News, Solid State Pharma Inc. (SSPI)

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As COVID-19 cases approach triple digits in Nova Scotia, the provincial government is turning to the private sector to answer a critical need for emergency supplies and services.

Scott Moffitt, executive director of BioNova, said he’s already alerted his members to the McNeil government’s request. BioNova represents the province’s health and life sciences industry.

“It’s a very big call to action and I think it’s a big opportunity for this sector to step forward and support the health system, Nova Scotians and beyond,” Moffitt told Global News on Friday.

“The companies in our sector are, for the most part, often highly regulated as medical devices or pharmaceutical products, so they already understand the requirements that the Nova Scotia Health Authority is going to be operating under.”

This morning, BioNova issued a survey to all its member companies asking about what they donated so far and what they’re able to contribute in the future.

Moffitt said they’ve been generous with donations to date, with one member, Solid State Pharma, contributing 10,000 pieces of nitrile medical examination gloves, one box of N95 masks, 25 lab coats and a commitment to prepare 10 litres of hand sanitizer.