Delving into co-producer Jeremie’s unsettling nightly ordeal, Taylor unravels the broader repercussions of the common yet overlooked condition that is Sleep Apnea. With the help of Dr. Neil Smith, explore the lifesaving role of CPAP machines, illustrated by the transformative journey of Vera, a mother of four. The episode ventures into the innovative frontier where Hamed Hanafi and his team at NovaResp employ Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize sleep apnea treatment. Through captivating storytelling and compelling discussions, this episode sheds light on a silent epidemic, offering a glimpse into the promising horizon of medical advancements. Learn more about NovaResp Technologies at

Dr. Hamed Hanafi is the CEO and founder of NovaResp Technologies. He holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Visit his LinkedIn profile at

Dr. Neil Smith is an Otolaryngologist Head & Neck Surgeon, as well as the founder of The Snore Shop. Visit his LinkedIn profile at


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