Athletigen Appoints Former VP of AncestryDNA John Pereira to the Board of Directors

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Athletigen Technologies Inc., News

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Athletigen, the industry leader in athlete genomics, today announced the appointment of John Pereira to the Board of Directors. John previously led all Product, Marketing and Operational activities as the VP of AncestryDNA. He was ultimately responsible for taking the latest scientific advancements in human genomics and combining them with the world’s largest resource in family history to provide a new and simple online resource for discovering your past. “I have been involved in the genomics industry for nearly 10 years and after discussions with the Athletigen team, it was an easy decision to join the board,” said Pereira. “I’m excited to join such an amazing team and help advance discovery of genetic influence on athletic performance.” Adding someone as experienced in building genomics products as John was a natural fit for Athletigen. Providing strategic insight for facilitating the development & growth of the Athletigen product, John provides the experience necessary to help define and serve the emerging market of athlete genomics. With this unparalleled understanding of product development & marketing, Athletigen is prepared to deliver genomic insights to athletes around the world. “There are very few people in this industry who can say they have developed a successful genomics product and taken it to market, so to bring John’s experience to Athletigen was an easy decision, “ says Athletigen Founder & CEO, Dr. Jeremy Koenig. “We are delighted to be working with John because he brings world-class industry standards to a product that aims to help its users perform on a global stage.” Athletigen is a company driven by science and committed to helping athletes achieve their performance goals. Through genomic innovation with strategic partners, Athletigen works to deliver the most advanced research findings in human performance to its customers. About Athletigen At Athletigen, we believe that the more remarkable the athlete, the more unique they are and our mission is to help them honor their individual training requirements necessary for world class performance. The evolution of our product is driven by intense user research conducted with world class and Olympic athletes, as well as the professionals who train them. As are result, we give high-performers the chance to celebrate their differences and truly nurture their nature.


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