Adaptiiv’s 3D printing technology improves cancer treatments

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Adaptiiv, News

Read full issue of LINK magazine here.  Halifax-based company Adaptiiv, formerly known as 3D Bolus, is using advanced software to create personalized 3D-printing medical devices to help cancer patients receive more precise radiation treatments and improve their quality of care. Adaptiiv’s customized medical devices have been well received by clinicians, with sales in six countries worldwide. One of Adaptiiv’s most revolutionary medical devices is their 3D-printed bolus. To improve the accuracy of radiation treatment, a tissue-like material called a bolus is applied to the patient’s body. Unlike traditional boluses, Adaptiiv’s advanced software allows clinicians to design 3D-printed boluses using data from the patient’s CT scans to create a personalized design, improving the patient experience. The boluses are cost effective and fit the contours of the patient, which allows for more accurate dosages in the areas that need it most and sparing healthy tissue during radiation therapy. Aside from improving the lives of cancer patients, Adaptiiv also provides high-quality jobs to Atlantic Canadians, stimulating the economy. With recent funding from Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and recently receiving FDA (510K) approval, Adaptiiv has big plans to upgrade their marketing strategy and bring their patient-specific solution to the global radiotherapy market.]]>